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Most frequent questions and answers about our services

That is so unfortunate and the last thing you need whilst being on a kite or sailing trip here on Bonaire!  Phish Phaktory can repair most tears and rips. Get in touch with us during business hours via email or WhatsApp. Describe the damage as best as possible and please add pictures. We kindly request you to dry and clean your kite / sail from sand and salt in order to protect our machines. Then drop by our shop (open from Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM) and we’ll start the repair as soon as possible, keeping in mind your limited vacation days on the island in order to get you and your kite/sail back up and soar across the water again! Get in touch with us now!

Not to worry, we can help you out but there are some steps you can do yourself first to locate the issue. Here’s a link to a video “how to find a leak in your (kite!) bladder”: https://youtu.be/lsAVQzcBGV0

When you’ve found the hole or puncture in the bladder, we CAN fix it. Please note where the issue is, so we can start the repair immediately and don’t have to search for it again (time is money 😉 ). 

If it’s an issue with a valve, we unfortunately won’t be able to fix it, because we’re a small shop and are unable to stock all types of valves. However, you can do a temporary fix yourself by getting some flexible glue from Bison and glue the valve back on while weighing it down for 24 hours. Please keep in mind this is temporary and not a guaranteed fix!

We also recommend keeping an eye out for your other valves on your bladder set, as its common that once one valve goes the others will follow.

Please contact us so we can inform you about our kite repair prices. We always keep track of the time we spend repairing your kite, so if we’re quicker or slower than the estimated time frame, we will inform you about this. 

Here’s a list of prices to give you an estimate:

  • Strut repair starting at $60
  • Leading edge repair starting at $70
  • Canopy rip small starting at $30
  • Canopy rip medium starting at $60
  • Canopy rip large starting at $90
  • Bladder puncture starting at $30
  • Bladder leak/rip starting at $50

(All prices are excluding ABB and materials.)



Phish Phaktory stands for quality and we always look for the best materials. We mainly work with high quality marine fabrics, that fit to the purpose of the project. For instance, if you need outdoor cushions, a roof or canopy for your yacht or a cover for your bbq, we prefer to use marine grade sunbrella. If you need a car seat cover or reupholstery for your captain’s chair, we prefer to use naugahyde marine vinyl.

Sunbrella conveniently has put together a list of stains and how to clean them. Click on this link https://www.sunbrella.com/en-us/how-to-clean to find the list on their website.

In order to clean marine vinyl, the best way is to use a mild soap (10%) in warm water. Apply with a clean, damp cotton cloth. 
Naugahyde put together a pdf with care instructions, follow this link to read more: https://www.naugahyde.com/files/faqdownload/CareandCleaningBrochureREV21318180215111752.pdf

Sunbrella is an outstanding fabric which keeps very well in our relentless sun. The USA factory guarantee includes fading on upholstery fabric for 5 years and for marine grade even 10 years,  however we do like to mention to keep in mind that our sun is a bit fiercer. Over the years we’ve seen sunbrella come through our shop and we can honestly say that the color holds amazingly. 

No, sunbrella does not have the amount of stretch that’s necessary for upholstering. Either a sunbrella upholstery or a vinyl like naugahyde is recommended, depending on the project.

It is a foam that is firm, but has the ability to let the water run through and therefore not hold water in. This is best used with a mesh on the bottom for water to run through and for aeration.

Yes, all our project zippers are made from a durable plastic inclusive of plastic sliders. We have two sizes #5 and #10 depending on the project, in either black or white.

Batting or fiberfill is an additional layer we glue around the foam so the cushions are nicely filled out and plump. We also cover the foam inclusive of the batting with a tricot sock to keep the two together.

That’s a tougher question to answer, because that all depends on the size of the project and the materials that need to be ordered. Because we live on a beautiful island, we have to order in our fabrics and foam and rely on shipping. This usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks. We always strive to keep you informed about any unforseen circumstances and will update you about the status of your project. As soon as it’s finished, we’ll give you a call or send you an email. Then we’ll schedule in an appointment so you can drop by the workshop or we’ll deliver it to you. 

No, we don’t unfortunately. We’re a small family run business and we specialize in marine sewing. If you are looking for a fabric or foam supplier, we can always refer you. Get in touch with us and we’ll try to help you out!

Products FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about our products

Yes, all bags and products are made with upcycled and recycled pieces from our sail loft. There is only one bag that is made using all new materials and that is our shopper, which is handmade and handprinted with organic cotton and nature friendly ink.

Although we do encourage you to tell us what colors you prefer, or maybe even more importantly which you don’t like, we hope you understand we unfortunatly can’t take on custom requests regarding our bags. Due to Phish Phaktory being a small family run company and having a limited amount of (upcycled) fabric swatches that we use, we cannot guarantee custom request. We do however will always try to find the perfect match for you and are willing to find a way to create a bag to your liking!

Yes, we do actually! If you’e seen a certain Phish Phaktory item that you’d like to have shipped to you, we can offer you this service. Please get in touch with us via email, Facebook or Instagram. Let us know which product has caught your eye and send us your details. We will be in touch as soon as possible and would gladly arrange shipping!