Our services

If it's a sewing job, we can do it.


Phish phaktory is an eco-minded, sustainable sewing company on the sunny island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

We specialize in marine sewing and much more. Whether you need a kite or sail repaired, want a new boat cover to protect your investment, or are looking for the perfect, environmentally-friendly gift, you’re in the right place.

Kite Repair

From small tears to broken struts, we’ve got you covered. When an unexpected emergency keeps you off the water, come see us right away. 

We will get you back up and kiting so you don’t miss a second of fun in the epic Bonaire wind!

Sail Repair

Sailing is a demanding sport and your sails are the first to be sacrificed. We have helped countless sailors quickly get back on the water with new or repaired sails. We are proud to offer a wide range of sail and boat work and are equipped with a long arm 4-point sewing machine.


Nothing enhances your enjoyment of the Caribbean like relaxing in the cool Bonairean breeze from the comfort of your lounge chair or sofa.

We offer a wide range of fabrics and styles and can manufacture pillows, cushions and custom-made slipcovers to complement any indoor or outdoor seating arrangement.

We can also modify your existing cushions to “windproof” them, so you spend less time chasing blown-away cushions and more time enjoying the island beauty.

Repairs & Alterations

We can help you with a variety of repair and alteration needs (non-clothing only). Our industrial sewing machines let us tackle even the heaviest fabrics. 

There is almost nothing we can’t fix – well, as long as it involves sewing!

Roofs & Covers & Shades

There are few things harsher than the beautiful Caribbean sun.

For every project, we start with a custom-made pattern to ensure a perfect final fit. Whether you need your existing canvas replaced or want something totally new created from scratch, we can help you keep your valuable items safe from harmful UV rays.

​From boat roofs to motor covers and everything in between, if there is something you want covered, we’ve got you covered.